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Walu Weed Quad Set

Sail your quad fin board in weeds! These fins offer unprecedented turning capability, grip, upwind drive, and early planing characteristics. Mix and Match between thruster and twin sizes to suit personal preference.

fin makani quad slotbox wave weedwave windsurf
Sort:  Price Thruster Fin Size Twin Fin Size Fin Box  
199.0 9cm 16cm Slot Box
199.0 8cm 16cm Slot Box
199.0 10cm 15cm Slot Box
199.0 8cm 15cm Slot Box
199.0 10cm 16cm Slot Box
199.0 9cm 15cm Slot Box
199.0 10cm 17cm Slot Box
199.0 9cm 17cm Slot Box
199.0 8cm 17cm Slot Box
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